Faerie Myst

Faerie Myst is a bath and body company that is based in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. We specialize in lotion but have a well-rounded selection of bath and body items including bar soap, lip and body balms, scrubs, loose leaf tea bath and our ever-popular body lotion, just to name a few. All Faerie Myst products are handmade in small batches in order to give you the freshest product possible. Here at Faerie Myst we never test our products on animals, unless they ask of course (pet line coming). You may be asking yourself how this all came about. This company was started in order to bring natural bath and body products to family, friends, and friends to come. All Faerie Myst’s products start with an unscented base, handmade naturally. Faerie Myst’s products were developed in order to have a product that would work well with all skin types, have the ability to have fragrance or not and be healthy and natural for all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy all of our products as much as we do.

What is REAL soap?

Real soap is lye soap. Wait, wait, wait, this is not your grandmothers lye soap. Faerie Myst uses vegetable based products in order to give you an all around nice bar of soap. Our soaps do not contain alcohol, preservatives, un-natural colorants or dyes. Faerie Myst does not use lard or tallow like most OLD fashioned lye bars of soap. I have been told that they stink, YUCK! Faerie Myst soaps are made using many different combination of butters, oils, and waxes including, shea butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and bees wax just to name a few.

Why buy local?

This one is easy. It is less expensive. If you stay local you have a greater chance of getting something that has great quality without the inflated price. We at Faerie Myst are local and we love inexpensive accompanied with good quality. Enjoy.

Why buy Faerie Myst Lotion?

Faerie Myst makes a lotion that is compatible for most skin types. We use a blend of base oils that help to hydrate the skin, keep it hydrated and silky smooth without leaving a greasy or sticky after feel.

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