Our Products

Bar Soap

Enjoy this amazingly luxurious soap all over your entire body. All Faerie Myst soaps are hand made using the cold process method. Oils included in these wonderful soaps are olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil, along with a generous helping of shea butter. All Faerie Myst soaps, with the exception of unscented, are scented with essential or fragrance oils to complement your mood.


Faerie Myst lotions are made for an all over wonderful feeling. These lotions soak right in to leave a soft, almost silky feel with no greasy after-feel. Faerie Myst lotions are simple with just almond oil, avocado oil and lots of shea butter. All lotions are scented with essential or fragrance oils with the exception of unscented.

Simple Salt Bath

Faerie Myst simple salt baths are just that, simple. They contain Epsom salt, course and fine sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, and essential or fragrance oils.

Salt Scrub

A course exfoliant used in moderation. Faerie Myst salt scrubs include course and fine sea salt, olive oil, grape seed oil and are scented with essential or fragrance oils. Very moisturizing. This scrub is used best on tough, weathered or very dry skin. Not recommended for every day use, or on sensitive skin.

Lip Balm

Faerie Myst lip balms have a bees wax base. These lip balms are smooth and moisturizing.  Coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil and bees wax along with essential or fragrance oils make them a must have.

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